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Since their debut in 2008, Hickory Robot has quietly become one of the tri-state's pre-eminent Americana bands. Evolving through the years, they continue to weave the threads of bluegrass, folk, Celtic, country, jazz, and rock into a singular, evocative tapestry that has been met with popular and critical acclaim.

Lauded for their polished musicianship, consummate songwriting, and dynamic performances, Hickory Robot has been nominated for three Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in the category of Best Bluegrass Band and an Album of the Year nomination for 2012's "Sawyer". They are a favorite of fans throughout the Midwest, and can routinely be found at festivals opening for the likes of Dr. Ralph Stanley, John Cowan, and Hot Buttered Rum, to name a few.

Happily, it's on it's way! The quintet of Lauren Schloemer, Scott Carnder, Jim Pelz, Mike Georgin, and Nick Blasky is expanding it's discography with a collection of new material that continues to explore their diverse influences and meld them into what can only be called Hickory Robot music.

Jim Pelz


Scott Carnder


Lauren Schloemer


Mike Georgin


Nick Blasky

Drum Set

It’s all there in the name; wood and steel, traditional and technological, whittled and soldered, antique and advanced.

Brian Baker, Citybeat Magazine’s Midpoint Music Festival 2011 Guide

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Like (Alison) Krauss and her band Union Station, the playing is flawless and inspired, guided by great vocals and melodies.

Mike Breen, Citybeat Magazine, July 6, 2010


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Hickory Robot's first album, Firefly, was released in July of 2010. The second album, Sawyer, was released in October 2012 and was nominated for a 2012 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Album of the Year. Both albums are available on iTunes and most digital download platforms, as well as directly through the band.